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The Accounting Partner Cannabis Businesses Trust

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What is High Profit?

We bring industry-specific accounting services and financial management to cannabis companies.

Grown by the cannabis industry

We don’t operate like other businesses because we know you don’t operate like other businesses. You handle a special product, serve a diverse group of people, and face truly unique circumstances. 


At High Profit Accounting, we’re NACAT certified and we stay immersed in the culture. When there are developments, regulation changes, or new obstacles to face, we’re the first to figure out a way to address them.

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Chill and reliable experts

Month after month, you’ll find that we take our commitment to you seriously. Our flexible approach means you can choose the services you need without paying for the ones you don’t. And if you’re not sure what you need, we’ll use our decades of accounting, business consulting experience, and personal understanding of the industry to put together a comprehensive plan.

Systems that won’t leave you paranoid

Creating a business strategy in an ever-changing industry can be challenging. We know how to determine which key performance areas you should focus on and we’ll work with you to build processes that put your resources and focus where they belong.

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Ethical and trustworthy roots

Nowhere in your business is trust more important than in your accounting. We’ve stood by clients of many kinds for a combined 40 years and represented them fairly and accurately. With High Profit, you won’t find random hourly invoices or wonder if you can trust the people managing your books.

Why Cannabis Businesses Trust High Profit Accounting

Together, our team of cannabis-certified accountants has over 40 years of experience handling accounting for large and small companies alike. No matter what changes in the industry, we’ll be ready to keep you compliant and ensure you keep the green you’ve grown and the green you’ve earned.

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Business Accounting and Bookkeeping

​Accounting in our industry is complicated. You shouldn’t have to spend time figuring it out yourself and worrying about the costly mistakes. Let us put our skillset to use so you can be free to build the business that you love.

Inventory Management

Are you losing track of edibles, pre-rolls, and everything else? If your product seems to grow legs and walk, we can help. We’ll establish a sophisticated inventory management system so nothing moves without an audit trail ever again.

Financial Advice

No one knows what the future holds, but we’ve worked in the financial industry long enough to help you plan for it. We’ll show you what you need to do today, how to prepare for tomorrow, and all the great things you can expect in the years to come. A high ROI, reliable profitability, and lasting business are the goal; we’ll help you get there.

Tax Advice

When you’re selling a product that the federal government deems illegal, taxes can be tricky. We offer comprehensive tax advice so you can keep more of the money you’ve worked so hard to make.

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Are you ready to be our next client?

Meet the Founder

Kelly Black
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Kelly Black 

Founder & Managing Director

NACAT Certified Accountant | Trusted Advisor | Ethical Leader | Community Advocate

Kelly’s experience in Finance, HR, Operations Management, Logistics, SAAS, Retail, Import/Export, Manufacturing, and Small Business Consulting has prepared her to dive into the cannabis industry head-first. Her experience with so many different types of businesses, paired with her passion for spreading access to cannabis, drove her to create a new kind of accounting firm: High Profit Accounting. 


Kelly believes in ethical transparency in everything High Profit does, from operations to the rates they charge. She strives to help cannabis businesses of all types and sizes become financially independent and show the world that the cannabis industry is an important partner in the modern world. 

Kelly is married with two children, 24 and 17, and she loves spending time with family, traveling, dining at locally owned restaurants (foodie in the making), and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.​

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