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Elevate Your Business With Tailored Cannabis Accounting and Tax Advisory 

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Don’t Let Confusing Regulations Steal Your High and Devastate Your Profits

Whether you run a dispensary, farm, or packaging company, you need a team at your back who can protect your revenue so you can focus on delivering the plant that people love. 


Don’t let confusing and unfriendly regulations burn your profits. Trust your accounting to a certified team who understands your operations and is devoted to helping you expand them.

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Maximize Your Harvest With Tailored Accounting Services

At High Profit Accounting, we believe in cannabis, which means we believe in you and your business. Let us take numbers off your plate so you can focus on getting the green leaf to everyone in need.

  • Accounting

    • We’ll bring a new level of organization to your books

  • Inventory Management

    • No edibles are going missing with us. We track and manage inventory

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  • Financial Advice & Consulting

    • Build a green empire with insight from an experienced advisor

  • Tax Advice

    • The federal government and its tax code may not be on your side, but we are

Pre-Rolled Services You Can Implement Right Now

We have packages built for you, whether you’re about to leap into cannabis or you’re well into building a weed kingdom. Whatever you need, the High Profit team can provide it.


Getting Started in Cannabis

Ready to claim your piece of the cannabis industry? Then getting started the right way is essential. We’ll map out your journey so you know exactly what to expect and how to achieve ultimate success.


Bookkeeping & Financial

Does thinking about numbers and bookkeeping give you a headache? Let us organize your books and handle your accounting so you can do your part to get the weed to the people.


Your COO

Every business needs someone to build the perfect operations plan. Our cannabis-certified team knows what it takes to get a business up and running. Together we can create operational excellence.


Roll Your Own Plan

Looking for something a bit more customized? Let’s build it together. We offer a high level of customization so you can pick the services you need without paying for the ones you don’t.

Don’t Let Confusing Regulations Steal Your High and Devastate Your Profits

Our team has completed exclusive training from the National Association of Cannabis Accounting and Tax Professionals. We know how to protect you and your business from the industry’s complex and ever-changing rules. We’re also plugged into a vast network of cannabis professionals that we can leverage to ensure you stay compliant and maximize your revenue every step of the way. 

National Association of Cannabis Accounting & Tax Professonals Logo

Just because the federal government isn’t on your side, that doesn’t mean your profits

have to go up in smoke. Let us tackle your accounting, bookkeeping, and inventory management so you can focus on growing your business.

Cannabis is the Future

Let’s build a bright future together. We offer

accounting and consulting services for: 


  • Distributors

  • Labs

  • CBD Retail


No matter what kind of cannabis business you’re running, we’re dedicated to your profitability. Fill out the form below to tell us more about how we can help you!

  • Farmers

  • Dispensaries

  • Manufacturers

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